Mission Statement

Congo Industries has developed a revolutionary approach to generating renewable clean energy through large-scale solar farms and asset management utilizing data center and supercomputer technologies in conjunction with PV and weather monitoring to harness the full potential of the assets lifecycle.  The highest level of government within the Executive branch, Department of Energy, and an unprecedented number of Congress members in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have recognized our business model and applied sciences with documented Letters of Support.   Financed through Investment Banks, Merchant Banks, and International Banking Consortiums totaling $3.6 Billion USD.  

Congo Industries uses the financial markets to capture profits from geopolitical and macroeconomic development. Firms use financial markets to mitigate the macroeconomic and political risk that could result in a negative equation. The carbon Credit trading unit is designed to monitor global events, arbitraging crack-spreads, discrepancies: sell-off and buy side-risk in global development markets. Congo Industries (Modeling- Keiretsu System) with our mathematical-financial models, generating wealth on 12 different proprietary-revenue streams.  Equaling $3.1 Billion Dollars over 20 for years per single: Solar-Power Plants / Farm. 

1:  PSEG & JCPL, Electrical Companies in New Jersey:

PSEG & JCPL, Electrical Companies in New Jersey; Power Purchase Agreements to acquire all electrical generated by our three 200MW solar farms.  Congressman Payne of New Jersey stated if Congo Industries is successful he could retire knowing he helped change the United States and the world. 

2: Political Support:

·       U.S. Senate & Congress: 70+ Signatures Letters Support for Congo Industries: Furnished upon Request.

·       17 U.S. Congressmen Sit on Appropriations Committees: Budget oversight.

·       8 U.S. Congressmen sit on Compliance Committees: Oversight

·       7 U.S. Congressmen sit on U.S. Energy Committee: Oversight

·       8 Appropriations Committee Members: Energy & Water

·       43 U.S. Congress members of the Congressional Black Caucus signed a joint letter delivered to all of the Secretaries of Energy; U.S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz; Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Deputy Secretary of Energy; Ms. Catherine Novelli, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment; Mr. Minh Le, Director; Dr. Lidija Sekaric, Ph.D. Deputy Director; and Mr. Brendan Bell, Director of Strategic Initiatives.

President Obama and his White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough have reviewed our work which was hand delivered by special liaison from Congressman Payne’s congressional office.  Congo Industries received approval from the State Department. Ms. Catherine Novelli, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment who holds joint chairs State Department / Department of Energy.

Congo Industries united a bipartisan coalition of Democrats and Republicans, and members of Congress.  As a coalition we have united the state of New Jersey with our first three solar farms for our nations renewable energy future and energy independence.  Members of the U.S. Congress attend a highly publicized ribbon cutting ceremonies of our 200MW Solar Farms.

3: Our Innovations, Proof of Concept:
Panel-level monitoring is a new and valuable technology for Congo Industries, LLC to improve financial performance and greatly reduce risk in owning and operating large-scale solar arrays. The accuracy and insight from this new technology, coupled with intelligent cloud-based analysis and diagnostics bring many opportunities to improve energy output and improve efficiency in O&M activities gaining $89.4 Million in additional revenue over the life of 3 solar farms totaling 600MW. Furthermore, from a brief analysis of just one of the benefits of deploying such technology, that of identifying and replacing defective panels, these systems pay for themselves very rapidly and provide many additional operational benefits improving ROI.  Our Proof of Concept accepted by the Department of Energy for Phase one throught four.

Over the lifetime of the system the value of incremental losses accumulates. A recent analysis suggested that replacing faulty panels at routine visits for a 100 kW system could save $14,900 in lost energy production over the life of a system. Congo Industries three 200MW solar farms would save a projected $89.4 Million in lost energy production over the life of the systems.

Panel-Level Monitoring References:
 Author: Ray Burgess
1 OUTDOOR PV DEGRADATION COMPARISON D.C. Jordan, R.M. Smith, C.R. Osterwald, E. Gelak, S.R. Kurtz National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO 80401, USA.
2 Value obtained from a large commercial integrator in the Midwest with experience collecting panel-level data from micro-inverters. Tigo Energy also noted they found 0.5 percent of panels have a failed diode.
3 Value obtained from several integrators with experience using contract workers for maintenance work.
4 California Public Utilities Commission 2011 Rates. 

 Congo Global Weather, LLC, a subsidiary of Congo Industries, is on forecast to be among the largest weather monitoring services in the world. We have privatized a State Climatologist, a small team including a meteorologist, IT specialists, field technicians, and 55+ domestic weather monitoring stations in addition to leasing weather monitoring stations globally in key areas.  All data collected is analyzed with proprietary algorithms through our supercomputer for both short and long-term weather and climate models.   Congo solar power plants are able to calculate  projected energy demand based on an earlier forecast will be met or exceeded, and achieved before other regional providers are able to secure such an assessment.  Congo Capital monetize the modeled data through licenses sold to utilities, agriculture, transportation departments, insurance companies, and hedge fund managers. Accu-Weather updates every hour on the hour; Congo Global Weather Monitoring update every 5 seconds or less while striving to achieve the highest level of weather data collected in the United States and internationally. 

Congo Super Cluster is a scalable, racked supercomputer to process the millions of data points from our panel-level PV monitoring and remote weather sensors around the world, as well as to compute all data through our proprietary weather modeling software for long-range climate analysis.  We  process 2 million data points per day per MW; at 600MW 365 days a year.  We are analyzing data on the terabyte level per year. Fully scalable data centers are built on two separate sites to archive all data and provide availability on our cloud services for our corporation and clients. 

Carbon Credits: We are in full compliance with President Obama’s Carbon Credit Program. We are taking the Presidents plan to the next level, having negotiated with members of ICE (Intercontinental Carbon Exchange).  We arbitrage pricing structures of carbon exchange in U.S. markets and ICE is moving to international trading of prices on the European markets.  Congo Industries, LLC works as an investment-banking firm with differential trading platforms; Congo Carbon Investment Banking & Trading is a subsidiary of Congo Industries, LLC

4: Innovative Programs / Social Engineering:
We are not just developing cutting edge research and technology, but also structuring social engineering through our corporate policy, salaries, and benefits - full 100% health coverage: medical, dental and vision; Lilly Ledbetter act - equality for women, equal pay, and hiring veterans utilizing President Obama's recent veteran solar training programs initiative. Three casino's have closed in Atlantic city, congressmen have spoken with the members of Congo Industries, LLC about training and finding jobs for some of the casino workers that come from all walks of life. We are integrating the solar farm into the community and the community into the solar farm, reversing the current negative trends in business with our policies to have positive proactive socioeconomic benefit.


Congo Industries has  exclusive rights to begin construction of a portfolio of 3000+ Hotel/Resorts worldwide to 100% solar energy. We have full 20 year forecasts on all properties currently in development, reviewed and approved by NJ Clean Energy, BPU, JCP&L and PSE&G, as well as the Governors Office, US Senators Office and respective Commissioners.

Board of Directors and Advisers

Our world-renowned board of directors includes the former Deputy Attorney General of Maryland and former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs. We consult with professors and deans from Harvard and MIT: Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard College and MIT Sloan School of Business.

They have been mentors, consultants and sounding boards who now sit on Congo Capital's board of directors.